High Adventure 2023 Survey

Troop 24 is planning a high adventure trip for the summer of 2023. High adventure trips are for scouts who have graduated 8th grade and older and have achieved First Class rank before the start of the trip. Past Troop 24 high adventure trips have included backpacking at Philmont Ranch and Isle Royale, canoeing in the Boundary Waters, sailing at Seabase and nothern Lake Michigan, whitewater rafting and more. Please answer our survey if your scout is eligible to participate in our 2023 high adventure trip.


2020 Summer High Adventure Trip

The 2020 Summer High Adventure will be a backpacking trek around Isle Royale in northern Minnesota.

Participant requirements are 14 years old or graduated 8th grade and have earned the rank of First Class or above by March 1, 2020.

We have made special arrangements with Camp Tesomas to offer this trek because it is our scouts’ #1 choice. The trek will be either the week before our summer camp or the week after. The dates are July 6-11 or July 19-25. The cost will be around $750 for each scout. We do not anticipate the need for adult leaders.

Crew sizes are limited to 7 each. Interested scouts need to make a $50.00 deposit and choose a preferred week. If we receive more than 7 deposits we will form a waiting list and another crew if possible.

Crew positions will be awarded by order of deposits received.
Sign up and make your deposit here: 2020 Isle Royale Sign-up

Please contact Mr. Robertson with any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

Scuba Leader Needed

Troop 24 has a high adventure trip scheduled at the BSA’s Seabase in the Florida Keys for June 24 to July 1, 2020. We are in need of at least one additional adult leader in order to take part in this trip. If we do have another leader commit to attend, we have three additional spots available for scouts. Scouts must be at least 14 years old, graduated 8th grade, and First Class or above in rank.

All participants must be Scuba certified before they go. Adults must be fully trained before the trip. We need a check delivered to Bruce Robertson by Saturday noon. Deposit Check must be for $1,000, payable to Troop 24. Balance must be paid by first of year and may run $1,000-$2,000, depending upon the number of participants, cost of air fare, hotel, and ground transportation.

Contact Bruce Robertson at brobertson5152@aol.com if you are interested.

2018 High Adventure White Water Rafting Trek

Register for The 2018 summer High Adventure trek today!

Troop 24 is going to the Smoky Mountains July 6th-14th, 2018 to Camp Daniel Boone for a white water rafting adventure of a lifetime! Five Rivers in Five Days each with Class III- IV rapids.  For more information go to : https://www.campdanielboone.org/5rivers.  This is a VERY popular and exciting trip and the Camp has limited spaces, so please register now so we can secure our trip.  This is a High Adventure Trek and scouts must be: a) First Class or above; b) Completed 8th Grade or 14 yoa by the June 1, 2018; and c) completed Swimming Merit Badge.

The final cost of the trip is expected to be around $650 per Scout. To reserve your spot on this awesome trip we require a $50 deposit by December 22.

Registration is limited so register your scout today!

Chaperones and Leaders may register here.

If you have any questions, please email Bruce Robertson at brobertson5152@aol.com.


2018 High Adventure Deposit – LEADER

Wisconsin River Trek – July 23 – 29, 2017

Troop 24 Scouts who have completed 8th grade and are First Class or above can participate in a high-adventure canoeing trip. This trip will be led by staff of Camp Tesomas, and will take place July 23-29, 2017 (the week following our summer camp). Participation in this trek is limited to 12 participants. The cost is $475 per person. This includes all equipment, staff support, transportation during the trek, and food. Participants must be strong swimmers, and some canoeing experience is helpful. Participants must pass the BSA swimming test prior to arrival at camp. The trek includes one day of training/orientation and 5 days of canoeing and camping, so participants should have a high level of physical fitness. Since this trek is led by Camp Tesomas staff, and has limited enrollment, at this time we are accepting registrations from Troop 24 Youth members ONLY (no adults or aged-out scouts). We will accept registrations on a first registered AND paid, first come basis. Due to the cost of the trek, please pay by check made out to Troop 24. You may bring this check to the next Troop meeting or contact Mrs. Staubus at carriestaubus@earthlink.net to schedule drop-off of your payment. Parents who can assist with transportation to or from Tesomas, please note this in the comments section of the registration form.
Register here: Wisconsin River Trek Sign Up

Isle Royale Crew

Our Isle Royale crew arrived safely at camp and are preparing to leave for the ferry ride from Copper Harbor to Isle Royale. Pictured below they pay homage to Lord Baden Powell.


Isle Royale Crew: 5-mile Hike

Isle Royale Crew: Your High Adventure is just two weeks away! Are you ready to hike?

  • Backpacking is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Each person will carry a 35 to 50 lb. pack while hiking 5 to 12 miles per day in an isolated mountain wilderness.
  • Participants are encouraged to do several practice hikes before attending. You are expected to arrive in good physical condition and be ready for five strenuous and fun filled days of hiking.

The Isle Royale crew will meet on Saturday, June 25, at 10:00 a.m. at RPC for a five-mile hike. Bring your 35-50 lb pack, hiking shoes and walking stick.

Save the Date for Florida Seabase 2017

sea_base_300x300Mark your calendars for eight days beginning Sunday, June 25 2017 as Troop 24 will be returning to the Florida Seabase for epic high adventure.  Our troop has been allocated space for a crew of 18-20 participants for the Sea Exploring adventure.  Here is a description of this program from the official Seabase website:

  • Designed for larger groups (either a council contingent or a larger troop), offering your crew the opportunity to experience a sailing adventure of yesteryear. These are large vessels, 75 feet or more, normally gaff-rigged topsail schooners, fully equipped and prepared to provide an unforgettable adventure snorkeling the beautiful Keys’ reefs, fishing, and hands-on sailing as well as a port-o-call in Key West.
  • For a hands-on sailing adventure voyage, one that is exciting, ruggedly challenging, and excellent for larger groups, pack your sea bag for the Sea Exploring program. This is an eight day event and the contingent will be back in Riverside by July 3.

The eligibility requirements for participants are that they must be thirteen (13) and graduated from the 8th grade or fourteen (14) years old to participate in all programs. We are going to be gathering information to estimate cost and then plan a meeting of interested scouts in the near future.  If you have any questions in the interim, please email Jim Jerz.

High Adventure: Summer 2016

In addition to our regular summer camp at Camp Tesomas (July 17-23), our scouts have a number of options for events at or outside of camp.

As in the past, scouts attending Camp Tesomas can sign up for a Scuba Adventure offered at camp and operated by Klein Scuba. Over the past several years over a dozen of our scouts have completed their dive training at Camp Tesomas. Scouts who take the scuba class can earn the Scuba Merit Badge, and will be PADI-certified by the end of the week. Scuba is an all-day program, and participants will not have time to take other merit badge classes. Registration will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must be 14 years of age OR 13 years of age and completed the 8th grade by date of participation. The additional cost for Scuba is $170 per person, which includes all equipment. If you’ve ever looked into scuba certification classes, you know that this is a terrific bargain. Payment should be made online.

Pay for Scuba

Scouts in Microtrek will participate in a different high adventure activity each day. Microtrek is available in the morning or the afternoon. Scouts who sign up for the afternoon Microtreks can also take up to 3 merit badge classes in the morning. Scouts who sign up for morning Microtrek can take one afternoon merit badge class. Microtrek spots are also limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is a $52 fee for Microtrek 101 designed for scouts who are 13 and 14 years old, and First Class or above. There is a $63 fee for Microtrek 200, which is for scouts 15 and older, and First Class or above. There is a limit of 10 scouts in each time slot; some spots may have already been taken by other troops. To reserve your spot, you must sign up early, and pay online.

Pay for Microtrek

Isle Royale Backpacking
Our troop has 8 slots available for a backpacking trip offered by Camp Tesomas during the week prior to our regular summer camp (July 10-16). Scouts must be Star or above, have completed freshman year of high school, and be very physically fit and able to carry a 50-lb pack up to 12 miles per day. Leadership for this outing will be provided by Camp Tesomas staff, not Troop 24 leaders. The cost is $690 per scout. A deposit of $200 should be paid online to reserve your spot. Two additional payments of $245 will be due, by check, on April 1 and May 1. Preference will be given to those who register and pay a deposit early, and to older scouts.

Register & pay for Isle Royale

ATV Trek
Due to the popularity of the ATV component of the Microtrek for older scouts, for the first time Tesomas will be offering a 3-day ATV trek for scouts age 16 and older, and 1st Class and above. Our troop has reserved all 8 spots. Participants will leave Camp Tesomas on Friday, July 22 and return on Sunday, July 24. The program will consist of day trips from Schomberg Park in Hurley, Wisconsin. This park has easy access to ATV trails and plenty of camping areas. The park includes restrooms with showers, pavilion and ATV washstation. There are lots of program options and the group will choose their own route and destinations.

Scouts who are working on merit badges at camp can work hard to get them done by Friday and still go on the ATV trek. Obviously, since they will return on Sunday, the day after the bus leaves, we will need parents who are willing to pick them up. Scouts can also go on the ATV trek even if they are not attending summer camp; however, they would not then be able to ride the bus one way.

Everyone who does the ATV trek will need to complete a Wisconsin Safety course (online) prior to attending camp. Unfortunately, even those who did the ATV Rider Course at camp (in prior years) will need one since the state of Wisconsin does not recognize the ASI national course. We prefer that scouts who sign up for the ATV Trek have ATV experience through participating in Microtrek in the past.

The cost of this outing is $283 per scout, with full payment made online.

Register & pay for the ATV Trek

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