The Pancakes are coming!

There are still some scouts who have not signed up for a job for Saturday. Please log into using your BSA# as soon as possible. We need scouts for cleanup!

There are still slots available for adult volunteers! I have created a bunch of 2-hour floater slots if you can’t commit to a longer period. Please register and login to the link above with your email address. We especially need people there early to make sure everything is set up outside.

TICKET MONEY is due on Saturday. Bring it with you to the pancake breakfast and give it to the cashiers.

You can promote our first (and hopefully only) Drive-Thru Pancake Breakfast on your social media with the digital poster available at:



PANCAKE BREAKFAST is coming up, March 6th.
All scouts must sign up to work a shift at Use your BSA# to log in, contact Mr. Hosek at if you do not know what your BSA#. And don’t forget, each scout is required to sell 15 tickets and the money is due the day of the event, or you can drop it off at 216 Olmsted beforehand.

ADULT VOLUNTEERS are also still needed, so if you can spare some time, please register and sign up for a shift at the above link.

YARD SIGNS are available for pickup at 216 Olmsted Rd. Please fill out the form on the website so I can keep track of who has how many signs.

Rich Hosek

Troop 24 Pancake Breakfast Sign up and Kahoot Trivia Game

Pancake Breakfast Job Assignments!

The Pancake Breakfast Website is now open for job assignments.
Please go to to sign up.
IF YOU ARE A SCOUT, you will use your BSA# (supplied in your ticket packet) to login.
If you do not have your BSA#, contact Mr. Hosek at

There are inside and outside jobs:
INSIDE: Follow all usual safety protocols, plus bring your own mask, we will have extras available.
• Grill men
• Batter Mixers
• Sausage Cooker
• Floater
OUTSIDE: DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! We don’t know what it will be like, so be prepared!
• Breakfast Packers* – Loading pancakes, Sausage and Syrup in to to-go boxes
• Drinks Distribution* – make sure meals have correct number and type of beverages
• Breakfast Servers* – pass out packed breakfast bags to customers
• Ticket Collector* – work with cash table to collect tickets and money, provide change to customers
• Kitchen Runner* – resupply Breakfast Packers and Drink Distributors with pancakes, sausage and drinks
IF YOU ARE AN ADULT, you need to login with an email address and password. If you’ve logged in before and forgot your password, there is a reset link on the sign in page. If you are new to the website, you’ll need to register first.
We need A LOT of parents to make this work. This is the first time we are trying a drive-thru event, so I’m expecting problems and surprises and the more people I have on hand to help, the better. Most of the people will be outside, so dress appropriately.

Rich Hosek


We’re anticipating a fun evening of trivia! See below for details, and we’ll see you tomorrow at 7:00!
• PS if you have a moment, try to download Kahoot to your device before the meeting [see below].


More points are given if you answer a question quickly. Points are taken away if you answer incorrectly.


You can attend the zoom meeting and play Kahoot on a single device, but you will need to open two internet browser sessions. Or if you have both a computer and a tablet or phone that is ideal. You can Zoom from the computer and download the app on your phone or tablet to answer the questions via Kahoot.

We will use Zoom to present the trivia questions and you will be able to see and hear the hosts and other contestants.


We will use Kahoot to present, time, and score the questions. You will answer the trivia questions by clicking or tapping the colored square that corresponds with the correct answer.
• Download the free Kahoot app on your phone or tablet: App Store | Google Play | App Gallery
OR play it via the Kahoot website
How to play a Kahoot
1. Launch the app or click “Play” at the top right on the website.
2. Enter the PIN for the game. Troop 24 will reveal the PIN for the game at the start of the Zoom meeting at 7 p.m.
3. Type in your team name or let Kahoot choose one for you.

Don’t worry, we’ll do a couple of questions to warm you up and make sure you understand how to use Kahoot. That’s it! You’re ready to play!

Need help? Contact us at 708.267.6476 or email



“On my honor, I will … keep myself physically fit, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

STARTING AT 6:00, we will complete our rank advancement / merit badge Zoom meetings for March.

Mr. Flassing and Dr. Lanken will continue the Eagle-required “Personal Fitness” merit badge, and we’ll use “break-out” rooms to continue rank advancement work, focused on the Trail to First Class.
• FEB 18TH: be sure to join us at the February 18th meeting, when we’ll end the Fall Term with a fun computerized trivia game. Not just “What is the “D” in the EDGE Method”, but … “What is Mr. Flassing’s favorite camp dinner?” Join us for the fun!
• FEB 25TH: MANDATORY MEETING – Troop Elections [Senior Patrol Leader] and Takhone Lodge Order of the Arrow nominations. Details to follow.
• MAR 11TH: the Pack 24 Webelos II join us as Boy Scouts, and the new PLC is inaugurated [SPL + PLs].
So …

If you have a requirement you’d like to either discuss, explain, or demonstrate tomorrow, be ready – and feel free to email Mr. Lauger [] or Mrs. Enochs [] by Thursday afternoon if you have a requirement you’d like to review, to help us get organized.

See you at 6:00!


The Pancake Breakfast this year is going to be a drive-thru event.
Each scout is responsible for selling 15 tickets at $6 each.
Packets should have arrived in the mail. If you have not received your tickets, please contact Rich Hosek at pancakes@troop24riversidecom.
More information about job assignments will be coming.
If you’re an adult and wish to volunteer, please let Rich Hosek know.

Pancake Breakfast News

The Pancake Breakfast this year is going to be a drive-thru event.
Each scout is responsible for selling 15 tickets at $6 each.
Packet will be arriving in the mail. If you do not receive your tickets this week, please contact Rich Hosek at pancakes@troop24riversidecom.
More information about job assignments will be coming.
If you’re an adult and wish to volunteer, please let Rich Hosek know.
Thank you!

Pancake Breakfast Shift Sign Up

ALL SCOUTS must fill a shift at the Pancake Breakfast, March 7th. There are shifts starting as early as 6:30am and going through cleanup at 2:30, so even if you have a conflict on that day, please try to get a shift in.

Scouts should sign in at the Pancake Breakfast Website:
Select Login under Troop Members
then click the Scout Login button
Enter your BSA# (on the address label of your ticket packet as well as the instructions inside) and click Login.
You’ll see your Home Page. Click on the link for Scout Job Schedules.

If you absolutely, positively cannot work the day of the pancake breakfast, have your parents send an email to and you’ll be able to access the Setup jobs for Thursday Night, March 5th.
If you can work both days, please feel free to sign up for a Setup job AFTER you have selected a Day Of job.
If we do not get enough people for certain shifts, you may have your job reassigned.
If you are an older scout, please sign up for the Grill and Kitchen jobs, we need all of you!
If you think you can handle a kitchen job, but don’t meet the age requirement, have a scoutmaster email us at and we’ll open those jobs up to you.

PARENTS we need volunteers throughout the day.
If you do not already have an account on, you can register by Selecting Login under Troop Members
then click the Adult Login button
Then click the Register as a new user link.
Once you’re registered, you’ll see a link on your homepage to the Adult Work schedule.
If you cannot work the entire shift, let me know and I’ll see if we can split some of the shifts further. Email me at if you have questions, or if you can volunteer to do some shopping or if you have any leads for sponsors for our Placemat Ads.

Pancake Breakfast Ticket Money

There are a few scouts who still have not turned in their Pancake Breakfast ticket money. Tickets sales were mandatory for all Troop 24 Boy Scouts. We need all scouts to make sure their $75 has been turned in no later than this Thursday. You may bring the ticket money to the Troop meeting or to Nina Henderson at 216 Olmsted Road in Riverside. Place the money (check or cash) in an envelope marked with “Pancake Breakfast Money” and your name.
Thank you!

Pancake Breakfast Thanks

Great job everyone on another fun and successful Pancake Breakfast. We served 695 customers! A giant shout out to our master planner and coordinator Rich Hosek – fantastic work! Thanks to all our adult volunteers who helped with shopping and set up to clean up and everything in between. Thanks to our incredible community including Riverside Presbyterian Church, the local businesses who donated to our program, and our pancake eating supporters – we definitely felt your love! But most of all, thank you to our loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful scouts who all stepped in with a smile to run an amazing pancake breakfast!

Pancake Breakfast – Saturday, March 2

The Pancake Breakfast is this Saturday, March 2nd, from 7am to 1pm.

There is no regular troop meeting this Thursday due to Pancake Breakfast set up. The only scouts who need to attend are those assigned to set up.

All scouts and volunteering adults should check the Pancake Breakfast website to confirm your job and shift. You will need your scout BSA number to log in (email pancakes@troop24riverside or if you lost your number). A few changes were made to ensure everyone has a job and that all shifts are covered. You should also review the instructions for your job ahead of time (click on the job title in blue on the left hand side of the schedule to get to a PDF of instructions for that job). If you have not yet turned in your ticket sales money you MUST get it to Mr. Hosek immediately. You can turn ticket money in at set up or deliver to 216 Olmsted.

On Saturday, scouts and volunteering adults must wear Class A scout uniform (no scarf or sash). You may wear jeans, but not shorts or athletic pants. If you have a scout hat, you should wear it, otherwise kitchen workers will be required to wear a paper cap. Please arrive a few minutes early! Any questions, email

Pancake Breakfast News

Troop 24’s Pancake Breakfast is this Saturday, March 2nd, from 7am to 1pm!!

There are still a few Adult Volunteer jobs available for the Day Of the Pancake Breakfast. Please register and sign up at to volunteer.

The Scouts listed below have NOT yet registered for jobs for the Pancake Breakfast. Please do so or a job will be assigned to you. Anyone who has not turned in ticket money, please deliver to 216 Olmsted or bring it to the Setup Thursday Night. Ticket sales are mandatory for Troop 24 Scouts!

Please direct any questions regarding signing up, excuses for Day Of requirement and Removal of Age Restrictions to

We especially need older scouts for the cooking jobs. If you think you can handle a cooking job, but it tells you don’t meet the age requirement, let me know and I’ll check with the Scoutmasters to make sure it’s okay. ALSO, we will need scouts to volunteer for setup this Thursday Night. So, even if you have a Saturday job, you can sign up for a slot on Thursday as well. Scouts can sign up for their shift or check their shift at Email if you forgot your BSA number which is needed to log in.

NOTE: If we don’t have all shifts filled, you may find yourself working a different job than you thought, but at the same time. If we have to make a change, I will be sure to let you know ahead of time.

Christopher C
Mateo C
Calvin F
Apollo G
Cameron G
Fidel G
Josue G
Michael H
Aidan H
Zach H
Hunter I
Bobby J
Teage M
Lincoln R
Chancellor R
Michael R
Steven S
Daniel W
Andres B
Jonah B
Colin C
Cooper S
James S

Thanks for your help with our annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser!

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