Trail to First Class

When a boy first joins a troop, it can be a little overwhelming at first. There are a lot of new people, new ranks and terminology to learn.

What do new scouts do? Troop 24 offers the Trail to First Class program for new scouts. This is a program designed for first year Scouts who are working on fundamental scouting skills including camping, cooking, first aid, map & compass, and knots. Advancement in the lower ranks — Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class — is straightforward. Instruction and mastery of the skills takes place under the supervision of the Trail to First Class Assistant Scoutmaster at the regular Troop meetings and on outings.

How are requirements completed and signed off? Requirements for each rank are outlined in the Boy Scout Handbook. As a scout completes each requirement at a Trail to First Class event, the Trail to First Class leaders will sign-off on the requirement in the Boy Scout Handbook. (It is important that a scout bring his Boy Scout Handbook to each event. It is also a good practice to periodically make a copy of the Rank Requirements page(s) in the scout’s handbook just in case the handbook gets misplaced.)

Does a scout have to finish all the requirements for one rank before working on requirements for the next rank? You must earn the ranks in order, but you may complete any requirement for Tenderfoot through First Class at any time. (For example, you may complete a First Class requirement before finishing your Tenderfoot requirements, but you must earn Tenderfoot rank before you are awarded Second Class and First Class ranks.)

What is the next step after a scout has signed off all requirements for a rank with the Trail to First Class leaders? Once a scout has completed all the requirements for a rank (except for the Scoutmaster conference and Board of Review), the scout should follow the Rank Advancement process as outlined in the Rank Advancement section of this website