Check Out a New Feature on the Website

Thanks to Troop Committee Member/Parent Chris Hajer, we have a new feature on our website. A scout had suggested that it would be great if the scouts could see who was already signed up for outings. You can now see this information for upcoming events at The scouts are listed by first name and last initial only. We’re less than 3 weeks away from our next campout, and you can see that only 3 scouts are signed up. Please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up! If your scout has an e-mail address, please sign him up for our Feedblitz notices (bottom of the right column) where it says “Newsletter Signup.”

Need e-mail Addresses for Scouts

We would like to have e-mail addresses for scouts. Feedblitz notices are great, but notices sent to parents don’t always reach our scouts. If your son has an e-mail address, please let us know if we can add his address to our e-mail notification list. Send the address to

Feedblitz Advertisements

Some of you may have noticed that Feedblitz messages may now contain advertisements in the body of the e-mail message you receive. (Previously there were advertisements, but they were only placed at the bottom of the e-mail.) These advertisements are there because the Troop is using a FREE (ad-supported) version of the Feedblitz service. To receive this service without ads would cost approximately $120/year.

NEW on Website: Upcoming Events

We’ve added a new feature to the website. Found near the top of the right sidebar, Upcoming Events lists the outings that have been scheduled for the next couple of months, with links to more information, if available. Upcoming Events does not include every meeting and event for our Troop, just the outings and larger events like Pancake Breakfast. For complete information, go to our Calendar. (You might try the “agenda” view if the “calendar” view is not to your liking.)

Some of you may rely on Feedblitz messages for Troop news. There is more on our website than just these message posts. Please visit the website.

Calendar of Events

Please check our newly updated Calendar on the Troop website.  If you use a Google calendar, you can even upload the events to your own calendar.  Click on any event to see full details.  Not only can you see the outings, but also view the topics that will be covered at each Troop meeting.  If you have any additions or corrections to the calendar, please send them to