White Pines Report

One of our scouts, James S, is serving as Asst. Webmaster by providing reports on outings. Look for his byline in upcoming Feedblitz posts. His first article describes the outing to White Pines State Forest near Oregon, Illinois, the weekend of October 21-23.

During the recent trip to White Pines, the scouts had lots of fun. It took about three hours to get there, and we stopped along the way. When we got there, we set up the tents and went to sleep. The next day, we got up and had breakfast. It took at little longer than usual due to a few egg difficulties. After breakfast, it got warmer and wasps started buzzing about like a swarm of locusts. To avoid the pests, we went on a scenic hike through Razorback, a trail there. It was amazing. After that, we had a lunch of hot dogs and beans. After lunch, we goofed off and went on hikes with a partner. After that, we had dinner and chatted by the campfire, then we went to sleep. When we woke up, we took down tents, had danishes and hot chocolate, and went home.

James “Jimmy” S