Last call for campout registration

The deadline for registration for this weekend’s campout is 7pm tonight (Tuesday 9/20/2022).
More information and registration HERE.

Signup Live & Working – September Campout – Camp Wolverine, Owasippee Scout Reservation, Twin Lakes, MI – Sept 23-25


The signup is working properly, so please go ahead and register if you are interested in attending, thank you!

Our first campout this fall will be in Twin Lakes, Michigan on September 23-25 at Camp Wolverine, which is located on the Owasippe Scout Reservation.


Early morning mist on Lake Wolverine

We hope you can join us! Sign up here:

Scout Signup

Adult/Leader Signup

Questions? Email, thanks!

Scouts to Arrive in Riverside about 12:05

Our Scoutmaster reports that the bus is about an hour and 45 minutes from home (as of 10:20). Please plan to pick up your scout at about 12:05 in the Hauser parking lot. If we receive an updated estimate another Feedblitz message will be sent; if you do not receive another message, the estimate has not changed.

On the Way Home

The scouts are on their way home. Watch your e-mail for an update on arrival time. This is a photo taken this morning while they were loading up.

Owasippe Update

Our Scoutmaster reports that everything is going very well at Camp Owasippe. The scouts are working hard on merit badges, there have been NO behavior problems, and they have had no issues whatsoever. A couple of boys were homesick, but a phone call home resolved the problem, and they have been fine since. 20 scouts slept overnight on a submarine, the USS Silversides. The Pathfinder (1st Year Camper) Program has been excellent. Several scouts went tubing (behind a boat) yesterday, and their “Troop Swim” is tonight. There has been some light rain but no lightning. Aside from the hot weather, everything has been perfect. They are planning to leave Owasippe at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and arrive home by shortly after noon. When they approach Riverside, the leader on the bus will call, and a Feedblitz notice will be sent with a more definite time, so please watch your e-mail on Saturday.

The picture below shows the Troop’s dining tent in their campsite:

Greetings from Camp Owasippe

The picture below was taken on Monday in Troop 24’s campsite, shortly before they ate supper. They had some rain during the night on Sunday, and it’s hot, but things were going well overall.

Scouts Riding To/From Camp ONE WAY

To our knowledge, these are the scouts who will be riding the bus TO Owasippe, but will NOT be returning on the bus. If there are other scouts who will be riding the bus only one way, please send an e-mail to Nancy Hopkins. If any of these scouts are on this list in error, and will be riding the bus BOTH ways, please let me know that as well.

Dima A.
Casey G.
Michael Ge.
Chris O.

Owasippe Gear Checklist

Several scouts and parents have inquired about getting another copy of the packing list for Owasippe. It can be downloaded here: Owasippie Personal Gear Checklist 2010.

Anyone Coming Back Early From Owasippe?

We have one scout who needs to come back from Owasippe on Friday, July 9. If anyone else is planning to leave on Friday and could provide transportation, please contact

Merit Badges at Owasippe

Although the Troop does not have to register our scouts for merit badge classes before we arrive at camp, it would be best for your scouts to choose classes and read the appropriate merit badge books in advance. Merit badge books can be purchased at the Des Plaines Valley Council Scout Store. Some merit badges are more appropriate than others for first-year scouts, and some have prerequisites. Please review the Owasippe 2010 Merit Badge Schedule with your scout.

All first-year campers will take the Pathfinder class. All first-year campers should also sign up for the swimming merit badge (those who already know how to swim and who pass the swimmer test) or for swimming instruction. Other merit badge classes that are appropriate and recommended for new scouts are Leatherwork, Mammal Study, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Fishing. (Although some material suggests Camping for 1st year scouts, we do NOT recommend Camping for new scouts as none of them will be able to actually earn the badge while at camp due to the prerequisites.) New scouts should choose 2 classes in addition to Pathfinder and Swimming, with perhaps an alternate.

If you have questions about merit badge classes, Mr. Payne is most qualified to answer those since he is familiar with Owasippe. After your scout has chosen classes, please e-mail his selections to Nancy Hopkins.

Some other useful information about merit badges:
Introduction to Merit Badges
How to fill out a merit badge card (blue card)

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