Boards of Review on 1-7-16

Scouts who are ready for a Scoutmaster Conference, or a Board of Review, should sign up online. We will be holding Boards tomorrow, January 7. Scoutmaster Conferences can be completed most weeks during meetings, but you need to sign up so that our Scoutmaster has someone available.

Sign up for Scoutmaster Conference
Sign up for Board of Review

Sign-up for Scoutmaster Conferences

Troop 24 currently has 67 active scouts. Most of them are working diligently toward their next rank advancement, which means that many scouts need Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review at the same time. To help our scoutmasters plan meetings and provide conferences expeditiously, we are asking that scouts who need a scoutmaster conference sign up online. In the upper portion of the right column on the troop website, there is now a link to sign up.