Pathway to Adventure Council Patches

All of our scouts and leaders should have received a notice from the Council saying that we could get a uniform patch with the name of the new council, “Pathway to Adventure Council” by bringing in the voucher/coupon to the scout store. Some of you have tried to do that, and the store was out of patches. Mr. Robertson has obtained a number of patches and will bring them to the meeting on Thurday. Scouts can redeem their patch with the voucher that was mailed to them. They must have the voucher and fill it out in order to redeem the patch.

Troop 24 Badge

Troop 24 was founded in March of 1917, which made the troop 95 years old in 2012. We ordered custom Troop numbers to commemorate our longevity.
In 2017 we’ll be eligible for a 100-year patch. In the meantime, any scout or leader who does not have the 95-year patch – please contact Nancy Hopkins at with your address, and we’ll drop a patch at your home.

Uniforms Needed

Hello Troop 24 families,
I am the Haberdasher for the troop, which means I take all your unwanted, unused, or outgrown Scout Wear that you don’t care about. Hats, shirts, pants, neckerchiefs, anything that is in good condition. If you have any of these items that you don’t need, or know a friend who has Scout Wear, please contact me at and I will pick up the clothing. Thank you for the donation.
Kit K

Scout Uniforms Needed

Troop 24 is collecting boy scout uniforms. If you son has outgrown a uniform, he can donate it to the Troop, and possibly find another one in a larger size. (Who knows, it might already have the badges sewn on!) Bring the uniform to any Troop meeting and give it to Kit K.

In addition to uniforms, the Troop would appreciate donations of merit badge books that scouts are done with to add to the Troop library.

Troop T-Shirt Orders

For any scout or leader going to Camp Mach, Philmont, or Sea Kayaking, please respond to this post with your t-shirt size. All sizes are adult. T-shirts are provided by the Troop. There is no cost to the scout family.

Fill out a form here:

T-Shirt Form

2010 Quality Unit Award

Our Troop was awarded the 2010 Centennial Quality Unit Award. This entitles all our scouts and leaders to wear a 2010 Quality Unit patch on their uniforms. The patch can be purchased, if you choose to do so, at the Scout Store in LaGrange. We are also a 100% Boys Life Unit, so be sure you obtain the correct patch (the one shown on top).

New Boy Scout Uniform

The Boy Scouts of America unveiled a new uniform in August. Scouts are not required to buy the new uniform, and all Scouts may continue to wear their old ones until new ones are needed. Read more about the uniform here.

New Patrols & Uniform Guidelines

Our newest scouts have organized into two Patrols: the Shadow Patrol and the Blackhawk Patrol. Some parents of the scouts have requested information about scout uniforms. Uniform guidelines have been added to our website under the Reference section.