MORE INFO on Medical Forms

All scouts and adults must have a current BSA medical form in order to attend summer camp or any other overnights or outings. Please schedule your physical now to ensure that you can get an early summer exam appointment. We need to send copies of medical forms to camp two weeks before camp.

When you turn in your medical forms, at the bottom of Part A you are asked what adults are authorized to take your scout to/from events. Please fill in: Any Troop 24 leader or parent, or a bus company hired by Troop 24.

Please submit your forms one-sided. It makes it much easier for us to collate.

Don’t forget to include the front & back of your insurance card.

BSA medical forms are available at this link:

If you will be attending a high adventure program – ATV, Isle Royale, or Scuba, you must also review Part D of the form with your physician. Part D of the form is available at this link:

Scuba participants must also have PADI medical statement completed and signed by their physician. Scuba medical forms:

Turn in Medical Forms

Don’t forget, we need medical forms for all scouts and adults who are attending any of our summer camps.

Philmont scouts & leaders: your medical forms are due TONIGHT at the meeting at RPC at 7:00.
Camp Mach scouts & leaders: your medical forms are due by July 15. Please drop them off to Liz Gomorczak or Nancy Hopkins.
Kayaking scouts & leaders: if you were given a date by Mr. Payne, stick with that date. Otherwise, drop off your forms no later than July 11 to Nancy Hopkins.

BSA now uses one form for all types of outings. You can get it online at You can save this form to your computer and fill it in by computer so the information will be available next year.