Year-end Greetings from Troop 24

As we reflect on 2020 and all the unprecedented challenges we faced, let’s celebrate a Scout Year adjusted for the ever-changing limitations.

We enjoyed a successful Pancake Breakfast and completed one camp-out in March just as the pandemic loomed, then zoomed through the Spring to find ourselves at Camp Tesomas in July.

We enjoyed an outdoor Court of Honor, a Scout Cabin camp-out, river-paddling on the Kankakee, hiking and orienteering at Waterfall Glen, and seed-planting in the woods along the Scout Cabin grounds.

With several outdoor weekly meetings scattered throughout the Fall, and three Scouts achieving the Eagle rank.

With the promise of vaccine distribution, let’s look forward to larger outdoor gatherings again, and increasingly traditional Scout outings in 2021.

Happy 2021 to All!

Troop 24 Meeting this Thursday!

Troop 24 Scouts:

Please join us this Thursday 9/10 at 6:00 pm for our first outdoor Troop meeting.

The meeting will take place on the Church lawn & driveway, and include temperature checks at the start. Masks are required. And remember your Class A uniforms!

We will talk about the upcoming year and forming new Fall 2020 Patrols, and enjoy a camp-craft activity and a game of socially-distanced volleyball.

Finally, bathrooms will not be available, so be sure to do that “road-trip” visit to the loo before leaving home.

We look forward to seeing all intrepid Scouts in search of a little fresh air!

Troop 24 News

Greetings, Troop 24 Families:

We have established a way forward for Troop activities through year’s end.
• We will not be making use of the Church for indoor activities, so we have developed a hybrid outdoor-meeting/Zoom meeting approach.
• When the weather is agreeable, we will meet either on the Church lawn or at a forest preserve pavilion [with masks and social-distancing protocols]. When inclement weather is likely, we’ll hold a Zoom meeting.
• We will keep our Thursday evenings, since many routines are built around that evening [though our “routines” are no doubt clipped by the pandemic at the moment!].
• But we’ll likely meet earlier to take advantage of daylight as it shortens in our progress toward the Winter solstice.
• Finally, we hope to have a few weekend overnights, so stay tuned for more information.
So … plan on Thursday, September 10th @ 6:00 for our first meeting – we’ll announce the location later.

We look forward to a fruitful Scouting year with small triumphs and adventures, as we stay safe during these challenging times!

More soon.

Family survey – Troop programming in Fall 2020

Greetings, Troop 24 families –

As the Troop leadership develops a plan for Fall programming, we’d like to hear from you.

Please complete our Fall 2020 Troop Survey – feel free to submit your responses as anonymous, if you are so inclined. Please reply by Wednesday, August 19th, if possible.

Link to Fall 2020 Troop Survey

Troop 24 News

Late summer greetings to all from Troop 24.

As decisions are being made by our local school districts regarding schooling strategies this fall, organizations like Troop 24 are faced with the same demand for safety and caution in providing Scouting programming.

And just as in-person learning in school provides advantages not afforded by remote learning & Zoom sessions, the same can be said for much of the Scouting program.

The Troop leaders and committee members will be meeting later this month to discuss options and develop a way forward – soon after, we’ll give you an update.

Finally, later this week, a parent survey will be published regarding your feelings about how your son engages in the Troop’s Scouting program.

So, until then, stay safe, and enjoy the remaining days of summer before the “new” routine begins again!

Greetings, Troop 24

We are living in unusually strenuous times, as events fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and social and race relations in the country continue to develop.

While the Troop’s regular programming is on its usual summer haitus – potential special outings notwithstanding – we do hope to return to weekly meetings in the Fall.

Rest assured that we will reinforce “Scout Spirit” at our first meetings, when we hit the “reset button” on in-person Scouting. Character is a cornerstone of Scouting, and we will address helpfulness, friendliness, and kindness in particular – all points of the Scout Law – when we re-convene.

Stay safe, and enjoy your summer

Save the Date – Thursday , May 28th at 7pm

Greetings, Troop 24 Families –

Please mark your calendars for a “Family Night” Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 28th @ 7:00.

This event will close out our Scout Year and we will discuss summer opportunities for our scouts.

While we will have a written summary of Scout accomplishments since the Fall Court of Honor, this gathering is NOT intended to serve as a virtual Spring Court of Honor.

Rather, this is an opportunity for us to gather as a full family – Leaders, Committee Members, Scouts, and Parents – and leave the year re-connected, in the midst of Shelter-in-Place.

Stay tuned for further details!

Rayfield Family Fundraiser

Hello Troop 24 Family,

You may have heard that Cindy Rayfield’s family had a fire in their home on Friday. Everyone is ok but they are displaced due to damage to their home.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by friends. Cindy and Chance have been long time loyal members of the Troop 24 family, and we are asking that you support them during this difficult time.

If interested in donating now – please visit the GoFundMe page.

Thank you for your help.

Troop 24 Meeting – Thursday, April 9th at 7pm


We will hold our second virtual rank advancement meeting via Zoom today from 7:00-8:30.

We’ll approach the meeting a little differently this time:

1. If you have a requirement you’d like to either discuss, explain, or demonstrate, be ready. And click here to signal that to the leaders in advance.
2. If you’re not quite sure how to proceed with rank advancement in this virtual world, join the meeting and we’ll help you set a strategy.
3. Finally, we might make use of “Breakout Rooms” to enable Leaders and Scouts to separate into virtual rooms within the meeting, to create smaller groups.

ZOOM notes:

The meeting details will be shared in a separate email.
If you use your camera, remember to consider your background, and in line with YPT best practices, please join from a “shared” room in your house, if possible – living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.

We’ll see you at 7:00!

Rank-work Survey and Star & Above Activities

Greetings, Troop 24.

We will be having our Thursday Troop Meeting by Zoom conference.

Please click HERE to complete our survey at your earliest convenience.

It will help us organize this week’s Zoom meetings.

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